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A Healthy Life is                 !

Within Reach

Could your time for
transformation be now?

Meet Joleen & Matt Ahlf

Health Coach Team

We are a husband and wife duo who work together to help others find freedom from the weight that so easily entangles. We offer coaching and provide a custom plan to meet your needs in all areas of health, utilizing a 4 component proven system that we have not only walked through ourselves but have with our teen daughters as well as countless clients. We help you find the power in your choices, we offer support, cheerleading as well as structured coaching, all while having fun doing it!

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About Us

We know your struggles...      '                    !

we've been there!

Do you struggle with obesity, overeating, or digestion?

Do you struggle with knowing what to eat or how to mean plan?

Are you craving the creation of healthy habits for your body, mind, & spirit?

Do you need or crave structure, 1:1 support & guidance?

Would you like

unique personalized plan

 to help you reach your goals?

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"Our favorite part of working with our clients is seeing their breakthrough and watching them succeed!"

Joleen and Matt

"I knew I had to do something different so I had always seen Joleen posting about this program and decided to inquire.  I’ve been on the program now with Joleen for more than six months. I work out 4-5 days a week and I was never a runner… never. I can now run 3-5 miles at a time and have so much energy. My cholesterol has also gone from 209 to 135! I now have more confidence and healing on the inside" 


"I was introduced to Joleen and started working with her 10 weeks ago.  She's helped me begin a transformation that goes deeper than the 33.6 pounds I've lost so far on my program. I'm finding freedom in foods I love to eat and am succeeding in weight loss. Joleen always has a friendly face or ear to lend when needed. I'm forever grateful

for meeting Joleen."


"If you want to change your life and regain your health, look no further. Joleen & Matt not only helped me get healthy again but also helped me change how I think about food and make healthier choices.  What they offer has changed my life. A year ago I was pre-diabetic and today I'm not. My goal was to ride a bike at the park with my son instead of sitting in the car watching. I accomplished my goal and I believe you can too!"


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How We Help

We work with you to create a lifestyle plan that works with your current strengths and weaknesses. We also provide personal accountability, a community of like-minded people for added support, educational services, and much more!

We are with you every step of the way in helping you reach your health goals.

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Our Process Is...                 1, 2, 3!               

easy as


Fill out our online health assessment

so that we can see your current reality and the short-term & long-term goals you have for yourself.


Schedule an inquiry call

to see if what we offer is a 

good fit for you.


Together determine the correct 

plan of action for you and a program that best suits your needs and goals.

Our Process

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